Tourist Spots In France

If you like adventure and traveling, if you have not visited France then it should be somewhere near the top of your consideration list. The country has an ever-growing number of tourists who want to visit and experience the magic that comes with it. Here, we seek to provide you with information of some of the top five places that you must visit while in the country for maximum fun.
Tourist Spots In France

What are the places to visit while in France?

From the sunshine that graces the country every morning to the romance associated with it, France is a country blessed with numerous attractions that are perfect for your holiday. Below is the list containing the top five places that you must visit while in the country:

  1. Palace Of Versailles:

You have probably heard about this magical tourist attraction in the country. In fact, there are few (if not none) places that beat this palace in terms of displaying opulence and grandeur. When you visit this palace, you will witness glamorous architecture, amazing furniture, and various fabulous art antiques. If you do not to understand French, there is no cause for worry. The management has put audio headset for guided tours in the language that you understand.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel:

There is no better backdrop as compared to this. For the love of natural beauty, tourists all over the world flock this place just to witness the historic war fields, the famous medieval church and the Romanesque Abbey amongst other things. However, you are warned that visiting the place requires much energy and is very demanding. That is the fun about the whole thing anyway, isn’t it?

  1. The WW1 Battlefields:

If you love history, this is a place to visit. Here, you will see historic sites such as the trenches of Somme and the cemeteries of the soldiers that pass during the battles. When you walk through the museums, you will not need to be told by anyone about the sad times that people passed through during the world war one. Generally, this site bears the history of events that will remain in people’s memories forever.

  1. Eiffel Tower:

Looking everywhere on the internet, you will not miss this tourist attraction in the top ten places to visit while in France. Tourists flock the city of Paris to witness this amazing design and iconic landmark by engineer Gustave Eiffel. For more features, be sure to visit the tourist attraction the next time you are in the country.

  1. The national reserves in the country:

Away from the historic sites and buildings, you can visit the national game reserves and witness the amazing wildlife that the country has to offer. For example, you can visit the Camargue game reserve that has wildlife such as hawks, black bulls, lions and other wildlife creatures. This is a place to visit.


While in France, your escapades do not have to be lonely. While we have highlighted only five of the places that you can visit, there are many others with the same or probably higher vigor. Make an effort of visiting the country today.


Resorts in Miami

The city of Miami is one of the best places in America for tourists to visit. This metropolitan area has great beaches, a vibrant night life and lots of great resorts for visitors to experience. The following information will highlight and describe some of the best resort locations inside of the greater Miami area.
Resorts in Miami

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort:

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort is one Miami’s best resort areas. It first opened in 2012. This resort has lots of great attractions for guests. There are high-end shops, gourmet restaurants and lots of great things to do in South Beach which is where the resort area is located. The cost to stay in St. Regis Bal Harbour is $799 per night. This hotel provides a ton of extra amenities and perks that justify this expense. Everything from cold towels, fresh frozen grapes and fitness programs are available at St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort.

The Palms Hotel South Beach:

The Palms Hotel South Beach is located in the South Beach area of Miami. This particular resort location creates a tropical setting area for guests. It is a boutique service hotel that provides visitors with lots of amenities during their stay. There are private cabanas for guests and plenty of shops and beach activities as well. Basic amenities such as the internet is offered here as well. The going rate for this resort area is $150 a night.

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach:

The South Beach is of Miami is filled with lots of resort establishments. One type of resort is known as the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. The Ritz-Carlton is a popular hotel that was built with an artistic flavor. It is one of the best-known resort areas in the Miami beach area. This is a family friendly hotel has lots of amenities such as a beauty salon, steam rooms, and banquet facilities. Guests will have to pay at least $441 per night to stay here.

Riu Plaza Miami Beach:

Riu Plaza Miami Beach is located near the Art Deco District of Miami. This resort area has a lot of great benefits, amenities, and perks to offer tourists. There are shops, restaurants, and plenty of beach side activities. The Riu Plaza Miami Beach has a fitness center, a bar and even a safe for storing valuable possessions. The daily rate for this resort area is $317 a night.

Grove Isle Hotel & Spa:

The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa is situated on its own island which lies moments away from Miami. This resort area has live entertainment, scuba diving and gourmet dining available for guests. The resort area also boasts of exquisite artworks which help to enrich a visitor’s experience. The Caribbean and local meals are available for guests as well. The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa is competitively priced at $179 per night.

Kings and Groves Tides South Beach:

The King and Groves Tides is located in the South Beach area of Miami. This resort area provides a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can even see the Atlantic Ocean from their room while they soak in the tub. The huge glass windows make this possible. Kings and Groves Tides has great amenities and lots of perks for visitors. Guests can expect to pay $251 a day to stay here.

A List of other Great Resort Areas within Miami:

The following list will describe some more of the great resort areas within Miami:

  1. Gansevoort South
  2. The Setai
  3. Shore Club
  4. Eden Roc Miami Beach
  5. Kimpton Angler’s Hotel

All of these resort areas provide lots of great entertainment for guests. Most of them are located near the beach and are competitively priced.