Tourist Spots In France

Tourist Spots In France

If you like adventure and traveling, if you have not visited France then it should be somewhere near the top of your consideration list. The country has an ever-growing number of tourists who want to visit and experience the magic that comes with it. Here, we seek to provide you with information of some of the top five places that you must visit while in the country for maximum fun.
Tourist Spots In France

What are the places to visit while in France?

From the sunshine that graces the country every morning to the romance associated with it, France is a country blessed with numerous attractions that are perfect for your holiday. Below is the list containing the top five places that you must visit while in the country:

  1. Palace Of Versailles:

You have probably heard about this magical tourist attraction in the country. In fact, there are few (if not none) places that beat this palace in terms of displaying opulence and grandeur. When you visit this palace, you will witness glamorous architecture, amazing furniture, and various fabulous art antiques. If you do not to understand French, there is no cause for worry. The management has put audio headset for guided tours in the language that you understand.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel:

There is no better backdrop as compared to this. For the love of natural beauty, tourists all over the world flock this place just to witness the historic war fields, the famous medieval church and the Romanesque Abbey amongst other things. However, you are warned that visiting the place requires much energy and is very demanding. That is the fun about the whole thing anyway, isn’t it?

  1. The WW1 Battlefields:

If you love history, this is a place to visit. Here, you will see historic sites such as the trenches of Somme and the cemeteries of the soldiers that pass during the battles. When you walk through the museums, you will not need to be told by anyone about the sad times that people passed through during the world war one. Generally, this site bears the history of events that will remain in people’s memories forever.

  1. Eiffel Tower:

Looking everywhere on the internet, you will not miss this tourist attraction in the top ten places to visit while in France. Tourists flock the city of Paris to witness this amazing design and iconic landmark by engineer Gustave Eiffel. For more features, be sure to visit the tourist attraction the next time you are in the country.

  1. The national reserves in the country:

Away from the historic sites and buildings, you can visit the national game reserves and witness the amazing wildlife that the country has to offer. For example, you can visit the Camargue game reserve that has wildlife such as hawks, black bulls, lions and other wildlife creatures. This is a place to visit.


While in France, your escapades do not have to be lonely. While we have highlighted only five of the places that you can visit, there are many others with the same or probably higher vigor. Make an effort of visiting the country today.